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What is Japanese Used Car Agent?

Thank you for visiting our Japanese Used Car Agent service.
With this system, you can purchase the car in Japan anywhere in the world.
Everyday you can see over 300,000 cars in this system.
We hope this will be very reasonable and helpful for all of you.

Before you make offer in this auction agent service, we require deposit.

Bidding Budgetdeposit
under 1,000,000yen100,000yen / unit
over 1,001,000yen200,000yen / unit

It means if you need 3 units, you must pay 300,000yen to 600,000yen in advance.
Then only we will give you permission to make offer in this Japanese Used Car Agent service.

Your main benefits in this system is, even if your offer is highest on this system and unit sold at auction cheaper than your offer.
You will be able to get the unit in cheaper price.

Our Bank information
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd : Chigasaki Branch
Postal code : 253-0044
Phone number: +81-467-85-2531
Swift code : BOTKJPJT
Branch number: 261
Accunt number: 1586906
Accunt mane: Kamikaze Drive Kishida Tetsuya

The 11 main steps of the dealings

1 [Buyer]
You search the car to want by the database site (USS, GAO! and Goo-net).

2 [Buyer]
If discovering a car with interest, you inquires to us with the E-mail.
Inform us about your name, country, budget, and so on too.

3 [Agent]
We inform you about the knocking-down expectation price and the estimate when knocking down with the E-mail.

4 [Buyer]
Inform us about the last decision about whether or not it tenders.

5 [Agent]
We tender for the car which you specified.

6 [Agent]
We inform you about the result of the auction with E-mail.
Then, if it isn't possible to knock down, it returns to STEP1.

7 [Agent]
We creates and it sends Proforma Invoice with the E-mail to you.

8 [Buyer]
You must remits a balance to us by 4 days from the day of the auction.
It sends remittance details in the bank with the fax to us.
If not paying a balance, We will confiscate a deposit.

9 [Agent]
We load a car onto the ship, clearing the customs.

10 [Agent]
We sends the document set (B/L and so on) to you.

11 [Buyer]
You receive a car and a documents. The dealing completion!!

As for me, before the deposit arrives from you, there is not a bid.
In the period from the appearance to the knocking-down of the car, it is very short.
If deciding that you buy by this system, I recommend to remit a deposit beforehand before searching a car.

Fee of Used Car Agent ( per unit )
The excise5% of the knock-down price
Our Agent Fee75,000 yen
Transportation Cost (in Japan)25,000 yen
Custom Clearance Cost (in Japan)18,000 yen
Agreement Fee of Auction Company22,000 yen
In other words,
The knocking-down price x 1.05% + 140,000yen
it becomes a FOB price.

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